Hear from Our Volunteers

Watch the video above to hear volunteers from around the country talk about how easy and effective Parking Mobility is!

How do I volunteer?

Download the free Parking Mobility App and use it to report every violation you see. You'll become familiar with the App and how it works and the data you submit will help us educate your community. Once you register in the App, we will provide you with updates and information of our progress and other opportunities for you to get involved. You can always provide us with your thoughts and ideas on how we are doing.

What happens with my reports?

If you report in a community that has partnered with the Parking Mobility program, reports are processed by your local law enforcement and a citation is mailed to the registered owner of the offending vehicle.

If you report in a community that has not yet partnered with Parking Mobility your reports are even more important! We use your reports and the reports of others in your community to gather the data necessary to educate community leaders on the problem of accessible parking abuse and the need for a citizen enforcement and education program like Parking Mobility.

When I make a report, does someone get a ticket?

If your city participates in the Parking Mobility program, when you report, you will receive information on how your reports can result in a citation. Every report is followed by an email to your registered email address telling you exactly what happens with that report.

Why should I report if a ticket isn't given?

In many ways, your reports are even more important before your city signs on. There has never been a comprehensive study showing the problem of accessible parking abuse. This means that many community leaders don't even know there is a problem. Without your reports the problem may never be solved.

Is enforcement all Parking Mobility does?

Enforcement is an important part of addressing accessible parking abuse but to truly end accessible parking abuse it takes changing social behavior. The Parking Mobility Program is all about Education. We provided targeted offender education as well as broad community education to change behavior. Every time someone receives a ticket, we educate 10 people on the importance of accessible parking.

Wouldn't it be better if I just told someone parked illegally they are breaking the law?

Confrontation is never effective and Parking Mobility does not condone confronting a violator. The major focus of Parking Mobility is to educate the broader community on the importance of accessible parking and why these spaces must be reserved for those who need them. By simply making a report using the Parking Mobility app, you are supporting this effort…easily, safely and discretely.

How else can I help end accessible parking abuse?

Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about why accessible parking is important to you. Encourage them to report violations on your behalf using the Parking Mobility App. The more reports we have, the faster we can solve the problem.

Follow us on Facebook and encourage your network to get involved too. Referring 5 friends who actively use the App can help us quickly gather meaningful data and help us end accessible parking abuse.

Remember… the solution is in your hand!


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