How do I volunteer?

The first step in volunteering is downloading and using the Parking Mobility app to report violations when you see them. This allows you the opportunity to become familiar with the app and reporting procedures and the data you generate is important to helping us demonstrate and solve the problem of accessible parking.

What happens with my reports?

All reports from the Parking Mobility app are collected to help us provide the data necessary to show the extent of the problem of accessible parking abuse. Some city leaders don't realize that accessible parking abuse is a problem in their community because they are not directly affected by the problem. Parking Mobility provides statistical proof of the problem and helps get cities to adopt our program.

When I make a report, does someone get a ticket?

In cities that have adopted Parking Mobility, there are specific requirements necessary for someone to be a reporting volunteer deputy whose reports result in a ticket. If your city participates and is recruiting volunteers, you will be notified by email and given instructions on how to be further involved.

Why should I report if a ticket isn't given?

In many ways, reports are even more important when your city is not yet issuing tickets. The goal of Parking Mobility is to educate on the need for accessible parking and the scope of abuse of these spaces. There has never been a national study on this problem. Parking Mobility uses the data you and other users submit to show the scope of the problem and get city leaders to adopt the solution...Parking Mobility.

Is enforcement all Parking Mobility does?

Enforcement is an important part of addressing accessible parking abuse but to truly end accessible parking abuse it takes changing social behavior. Most people who parking illegally in accessible spaces do so because they don't realize how important they are. Parking Mobility leverages the revenue from our program into broad community education. Every time someone receives a ticket, we educate 10 people on the importance of accessible parking.

Wouldn't it be better if I just told someone parked illegally they are breaking the law?

Confrontation is never effective and Parking Mobility does not condone our volunteers ever confronting a violator. Instead, understand that the major focus of Parking Mobility is to educate the broader community on the importance of accessible parking and why these spaces must be reserved for the needs of those who need them. By simply making a report using the Parking Mobility app, your effort supports and furthers our educational efforts.

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